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Trusting someone with your money is a sensitive subject. Such an inference requires a rare mixture of honesty, financial savvy and integrity on a financial advisor’s part. The professionals of Sagoe & Associates can be trusted to handle your affairs with the respect and attention they deserve, as well as the diligence to provide clear and level-headed financial advice. Every client Sagoe & Associates, CPA has ever aided trusts our financial advisors to make those crucial decisions pertaining to their money, and its management

We can also facilitate and coordinate management meetings to explain business trends and financial analyses compared to industry standards. We also hold several different business development seminars to give you tips on how to run your business efficiently and effectively. We are happy to assist with investment matters, both short and long-term; we can assist with retirement savings including IRAs, Roth IRAs, and 401Ks.

Financial Solutions for Business
• Key Person Insurance
• Buy-Sell Arrangements
• Business Continuation Strategies
• Retirement Planning
• Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance
• Long-Term Care Insurance

Budgeting Services Include
• Business Incorporation Services
• Standard Budgets & Budgetary controls
• Absorption and Variable Costing
• Joint Costs Reporting
• Performance of Capital budgeting, Quantitative methods and probability theories.

Our Firm, Your Future

Sagoe & Associates can also coordinate system conversions tailored to your organization’s needs, which provide management with specific reports that will enhance that management’s ability to make sound and informed decisions.

Today’s small business owners must provide financial and insurance solutions for themselves and their employees, as well as ensure the future security of their business. We are who you come to for complex financial tasks like this one. Sagoe & Associates offers an expansive variety of products and services to help business owners meet their needs.

Expert Witness

Sagoe & Associates, CPA

We can provide assistance in obtaining all the documentation necessary to support or refute a finance-based claim, and help you go through that document to more thoroughly assess the situation together.


Sagoe & Associates, CPA

Business Incorporation Services are offered to expanding businesses, and companies looking to merge their efforts to advance upon a more advantageous market presence.  Our strategies help accomplish this expediently and efficiently.