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Incorporation of your business is a huge step to consider. When you’re a business owner of a small-to-medium sized business, one thing to consider is forward-going potential to achieve in incorporation. Often times, incorporation precedes an honest look at a company’s competitive standing. Also taken into consideration is the ideal that a company can do better with more expansion, more security, and less liability.

Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) and Limited Partnerships (LP) are an absolute must if you intend to do business professionally, as well as legally. For reasons pertaining to a business’ vitality, as well as a its legal grace, incorporation is an inevitable step. As changes to economy continue to impact so many long-tenured industries, incorporating is becoming more and more popular with business-minded professionals and entrepreneurs alike.

Sagoe & Associates offers complete incorporation plans to meet your business needs. Each individual incorporation service plan is completed within 30 days of submission to the Secretary of State.

Incorporation Process

  1. • Communicate with client to select appropriate business entity i.e. C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, LLP, Non-Profit and Family Limited Partnership
  2. • Search for availability of business name from state local and county database
  3. • Obtain Employer Identification Number
  4. • Preparation and filing of the appropriate article of incorporation
  5. • Obtain professional corporate binder and corporate seal
  6. • Prepare corporate by-laws and minutes tailored to the corporation
  7. • Provide 25 professional Stock Certificates
  8. • Educate client about the process of an entities accounting and tax filing requirements


Why Incorporate?

Incorporation could potentially offer substantial taxation benefit, as well as protection from lawsuits and financial business matters for those vested in the company. The benefits for incorporation in California are worth reviewing. Here are a few to consider.

• Incorporating in California protects Officers and Directors from personal liability against any lawsuits or business debts relative to operations, limiting liability exposure to the amount of initial investment.
• Directors within the corporation can determine the worth or value of company stock. Then, the corporation can legally purchase, sell, transfer, and gift shares of its own corporate stock.
• Corporation taxes in California are 9%, not including or considering other substantial tax benefits.

Moving Forward as a Corporation

Once you’ve determined how to proceed in business, we can assist you to proceed in incorporation. Without doubt, the smartest move a business can make is to incorporate, limit their liability, reap maximum tax benefit and multiple tax breaks, and then ride off into the sunset on the road towards success.

Incorporation takes a lot of work, and we are prepared to do that work for you. Sagoe & Associates, CPA is a trusted San Bernardino, CA CPA firm, serving San Bernardino County and Rancho Cucamonga, CA, for more than a decade. We’ve set several businesses towards their own success, and we look forward to helping to do the same for yours.

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