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As Uncle Sam becomes hungrier for his cut of the American tax dollar, and extraordinary concessions are made for those who are delinquent on their taxes, you’d better believe that our team has been doing their tax services  homework. Each of the Sagoe & Associates, CPA professionals is versed in newly-revised processes and procedures for filing back-taxes, missing tax filings for individuals and delinquent business tax filings. Let’s review an example.

Take for Example the case of an OIC (Offer in Compromise), a written agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that gives permission to pay less than the full amount of due taxes, in order to satisfy the debt. An OIC letter enables the delinquent taxpayer to pay an amount that’s less than what’s owed, in full satisfaction of an unpaid tax liability, including interest, penalties and additions to the tax.

What’s happened here is simple: America wants money for tax, but they realize we’re spending all those hard-earned tax dollars on what is now more than a 400% increase in fuel costs over the last 15 years. They must realize that we’re having a hard enough time getting to work, in some cases. Surely, they realize that we’d be paying all those back-taxes if we weren’t paying hundreds at the pump.

… and it can all be as easy as having the right professional handle it for you.

Regardless of your situation, we are prepared to go to work on your taxes for you. When you require tax preparation services, we are at your disposal whenever you make the call. If your issues are more complicated, we are even more prepared to offer tax representation services.

Staring down a government court can be an intimidating proposition, especially when you’re going it alone. This is why you shouldn’t even so much as entertain the thought of doing so. What you need is a reputable, trustworthy, detail-oriented and thoroughly-investigative representative on your side. Sagoe & Associates, CPA is on stand-by, waiting for you before you’ve even made the call.

Regardless of Your Issue, We Have You Covered

Back-taxes? Missing tax returns? Haven’t filed in thirteen years? Do you just owe a whole bunch of money to the IRS? Are they garnishing your wages? Is the IRS or EDD auditing you?


Call us today, and let’s get these difficulties sorted out for you.

Tax Preparation

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Our tax services include all State and Federal tax preparations and filings. We are also happy to provide our clients the option to file electronically for both state and federal tax filings.

Tax Representation

Sagoe & Associates, CPA

Tax filings can sometimes yield more attention than we intended to see. Sometimes, not filing the taxes is what gets the attention. We’ve seen many clients in this position before, and we’ve got just what you need as you look for help on this…