QuickBooks Consultations

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It’s possible that some of our clients may already be tech-savvy enough to get the hang of a program like QuickBooks without one-on-one training sessions. For these clients of ours, Sagoe & Associates, CPA is happy to offer QuickBooks Consultation services, which will allow us to setup your QuickBooks configuration for you.

Setting up to run QuickBooks is an exciting and groundbreaking event for any organization. It’s an investment in the future of your company, a step towards operational independence, and an upwards step towards the next level of your business’ prosperity.

Sagoe & Associates, CPA can guide your business via QuickBooks consultations. We value your business, and we share your interests in success, as your quality work is a direct reflection of our influence on your efficiency. Your success, in part, is achievement that both our organizations share.


Educating Your Employees

Our consultants will set-up your users, then guide the employees using the system towards the tasks they will be capable of performing within the system. We offer instruction on the proper way to prepare company data for import, effectively managing notes and to-do lists, working with any custom fields which may be required for your business’ purposes, and any other specific tasks within QuickBooks that may be pertinent to a user’s responsibilities within the company.

By the end of our consultations, you will be apt in running accounts receivable and payable. You will learn how to enter bills, pay bills and memorize bills. Sagoe & Associates, CPA will setup the program to establish vendor and checking preferences, per your requirements and your requests. When these pieces of information are setup and correctly in place, QuickBooks becomes an almost-effortless endeavor.


Setting Your Business Up Properly

Sagoe & Associates, CPA wants to provide your organization with the kind of self-sufficiency that assures operations will run smoothly, quarter after fiscal quarter, year after successful year. Our consultants will engage your employees within a classroom atmosphere for all intended participants of our QuickBooks consultations, whether on your premises or ours. We want to make your transition to internalizing your financial operations as seamless as possible.

QuickBooks Training

Sagoe & Associates, CPA

QuickBooks isn’t a difficult program to learn, but it can be a daunting software to setup for a business without proper guidance, and Sagoe & Associates wants to help you succeed functionally.

Auditing Services

Sagoe & Associates, CPA

Your potential investors need to have the kind of confidence in your financial statements that will leave them eager to invest in your company, records that accurately reflect the most crucial data about your business success.