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Tax filings can sometimes yield more attention than we intended to see. Sometimes, not filing the taxes is what gets the attention. Sagoe & Associates, CPA have seen many clients in this position before, and our track record with resolving these cases for the undermined individual of question is near-perfect in ten-plus years of representing our clients when tax representation services become necessary.

When a taxpayer owes an inordinate An Offer in Compromise (OIC) is a written agreement between the IRS and a taxpayer that enables the taxpayer to pay a lesser amount in full satisfaction of an unpaid tax liability, including interest, penalties and additions to the tax.

Starting way back in July 16, 2006, lump-sum OIC arrangements require 20% of the total due in down payment, as well as a $150 application fee. A lump-sum is qualified by any agreement that satisfies the amount owed within five total payments. If you submit an OIC for periodic payments (this would be an OIC arrangement that exceeds five payments), then you must still pay while the IRS considers the OIC. Payments are based upon the schedule submitted while the IRS reviews the OIC request. All payments in this manner go straight to the delinquent tax liability, whether or not the IRS accepts the OIC.

Now is the time to catch up!!!!

This, as well as many other new agreements that the government has proposed to bring so many tax delinquencies current, are what Sagoe & Associates, CPA specializes in. We handle payment plan requests, hardship status requests, penalty reduction requests, audits and appeals representation, innocent spouse relief, release requests for levies and liens, trust fund penalty representation, payroll tax liabilities, and preparation of tax returns (both business and individual).

Your financial security is as important to us as it is to you, and we understand the responsibility we take on by representing you. Each case is given unique and dedicated attention, for all things of this nature tend to be quite unique. Sagoe & Associates, CPA hopes that you will see us as the most qualified to assist you, so that we can get to work for you as quickly as you need us to.

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We can provide assistance in obtaining all the documentation necessary to support or refute a finance-based claim, and help you go through that document to more thoroughly assess the situation together.


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Your potential investors need to have the kind of confidence in your financial statements that will leave them eager to invest in your company, records that accurately reflect the most crucial data about your business success.