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QuickBooks isn’t a difficult program to learn, but it can be a daunting software to setup for a business without proper guidance. For example, one mistake within your configuration early-on can lead to a wave of mistakes and oversights, where no mistakes appeared to have been made. There are nuances and niche configuration settings that may be more specific to your business’ way of doing things than you may realize at first. This is precisely why our Certified ProAdvisors are now offering QuickBooks training consultations.

Sagoe & Associates, CPA want to help you succeed functionally. Guiding you towards proper function can perpetually guarantee the success of your independent efforts in understanding your finances with this software. We consider this a win/win for everyone. If we can spend the time putting the tools in your hands and show you how to use them, everyone has taken something they can use going forward. You have your new software proficiency, and we’ve got a stronger relationship with a valued customer.

Trust Our Guidance

Via Sagoe & Associates, CPA QuickBooks Training services, we will show you how to move around knowledgeably within the software’s environment. Navigation is where the mastery begins, and often times, a crucial set of details is overlooked when attempting to correctly configure the software and chart of accounts. Mistakes at such a basic stage are not mistakes that a business can afford. We are here to take the element of ‘surprise mistakes’ out of the picture.

Our consultations with you will show you how to set-up users, one of the first steps in getting the proper employees on-board. We also cover the proper way to prepare company data for import, how to most effectively manage notes and to-do lists, how to work with custom fields, and other tasks within QuickBooks that become technically obscured without the proper guidance and approach.

You will learn how to process accounts receivable and payable easily. You will leave knowing how to enter bills, pay bills, memorize bills, and setup the program to establish vendor and checking preferences. These key pieces of information make the difference between effectively using QuickBooks, and effectively looking like a fool with a keyboard.


Sagoe & Associates, CPA

Your business may have unique circumstances that we can assist with. Understanding your company’s unique strengths and weaknesses can help you choose the best financial decisions possible.

QuickBooks Consulting

Sagoe & Associates, CPA

Setting up to run QuickBooks is an exciting and groundbreaking event for any organization. It’s an investment in the future of your company, a step towards operational independence.