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Expert Witness & Consultant Services with Sagoe & Associates

Sagoe & Associates protects your interests with fraud investigation, prevention, deterrence and detection services!

As is written in law, an Expert Witness is legally defined as a person formally designated to render an opinion before a trier of fact. As an Expert Witness, a practitioner’s litigation-related work may be required to be produced to opposing parties. This happens through a process which is referred to as Discovery.

If your company ever finds itself pulled into litigation or other legal matters pertaining to your business’ financial integrity, let Sagoe & Associates, CPA come to the rescue. With more than a decade in the business of financial records, our expertise lay within the duties of auditing, bookkeeping and all methods of periodic accounting, our team is ready to go to bat for you with our panel of qualified representatives. Through us, Expert Witness testimony will be easily found.


When the Going Gets Tough…

Our firm advises our clients throughout the litigation processes. We also provide forensic accounting services, in which we look to cover all bases by tracing fraudulent activity, working to total the costs of damages, then provide testimony in a court of law of any relative fraud or misconduct. We also analyze all tax returns in litigation, ultimately determining proper adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

Litigation can get ugly. It can involve costs of damage and quantification of all losses. Accounting and auditing methods assure that all the “loose change” comes out in the wash, and you’re going to want a savvy, smart representative at your side when the going gets rough on something like this. Luckily, the qualified professionals of Sagoe & Associates, CPA are a quick phone call away.


Already in the Mix?

Existing and pending litigations may require that a certified and qualified professional “take the reins” and sort things out that haven’t yet been touched upon. The court is looking for someone diligent and forthright to comb through the evidence presented in these instances, then make a sound and honest determination of what they are looking at.

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At Sagoe & Associates we treat you with respect, honesty and integrity. You are never a number with us, you are always an important client no matter what your situation is!


Sagoe & Associates, CPA

Don’t let Back-Taxes and overdue payments get in the way of your promising financial future. We are equipped and able to help you negate those amounts through payment plans.