Tax Preparation

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The financial professionals of Sagoe & Associates, CPA‘s team also have more than a decade’s worth of business bookkeeping and tax preparation expertise. We serve individuals, as well as businesses, filing with all entities in the process. Our tax preparation services include all State and Federal tax filings. We are also happy to provide our clients the option to file electronically for both state and federal tax filings.

If you’ve gone more than ten years without filing your tax returns, worry not; Sagoe & Associates can handle tax preparation retroactively as far back as 15 years for you, assisting with alleviation of fees and penalties as we do. We will ensure that you get the most out of your past-due tax returns.

IRS, State Franchise Tax Board or Employment Development Department tax audits are not only time consuming, but they can also be costly as well. Depend upon Sagoe & Associates, CPA to not just save you time, but also save you tens of thousands of dollars. DO NOT go into these Audits alone, lest you face the risk of being eaten alive financially.

Representation When You Need It Most

On that note, we are prepared to represent you as an expert witness in any court, no matter the financial turmoil. Our consultants and professionals are set to go to task on things like this on minimal notice, and can assure that you’ll be as well-represented as possible with Sagoe & Associates, CPA standing up for you.

In the event that our work falls under the eye of good old Uncle Sam, we are prepared still. We stand by the quality and results of our work and obligate to represent you in case of any IRS audit. Sagoe & Associates, CPA will represent you to the fullest extent of the law.


Sagoe & Associates, CPA

Business Incorporation Services are offered to expanding businesses, and companies looking to merge their efforts to advance upon a more advantageous market presence.  Our strategies help accomplish this expediently and efficiently.


Sagoe & Associates

Your business may have unique circumstances that we can assist with. Understanding your company’s unique strengths and weaknesses can help you choose the best financial decisions possible.